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Saturday, August 5, 2000 --- 02:01 p.m.
Some shameless selfpromotion: at there is a new edition of TheKindaRadioYouLike online. 30something minutes of music from artists like bis, Sleater-Kinney, Tim Allon, Linval Thomson and Clinic, presented by me, in realaudio. If you can't stand my crappy Dutch accent when I speak English - which I can understand very much - you'd perhaps prefer to tune in to my personal radiostation at for non-stop, around the clock indie, r&b, 80ies, hiphop and more for your Windows Media Player. I must say, that is a great toy. It's quite simple to launch your own station that plays (almost) all your favourite artists. It's a pity though you can only select artists (and genres) and not individual songs. For instance, I don't mind the occasional Wham Rap or Club Tropicana but I can't stand A Different Corner. The other thing is that by selecting all your own favourites you loose what, in my view, is the best aspect of listening to the radio: discovering new stuff, hearing stuff you would normally never check out, you know: the surprise-effect. But still, I think my own station is fun to listen to. It's still being finetuned - it's overdosing a bit on hiphop at the moment and all the indiestuff seems a bit underrepresented - but the last thirty or so minutes there were songs by Ruff Ryders, Roy Orbison, Richie Hawtin, Kim Wilde (Kids In America), Missy Elliott and Cibo Matto (and Hammer, but I kicked him off the playlist).

Donna's - 40 Boys In 40 Nights (MP3)
Françoise Hardy - The Vogue Years
Håkan Hellström - Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg (MP3)
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
The Oedipus - Beam And Solder (MP3)
Outkast - Stankonia
Smokey Robinson - It's Fantastic
The Strokes - Modern Age (MP3)
Super Furry Animals - MWNG

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